Mullet Skirts

by Kerry on July 5, 2012

J and I are starting to think about our coming trip to Napa to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and I can guarantee there will be a mullet skirt or two on my packing list for sure! 

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Fashion 2013


Capturing the First Year

by Kerry on July 5, 2012

It’s hard to believe that Taryn is a year old and even harder to believe I still have not figure out how to compile all our memories, photos, notes, etc from the past year into one keepsake.  I am still on the lookout for the model that will fit our family best so if you have any good ideas please send them my way!

 In the meantime I think this good is such a cleaver take on the first year!

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Copy Cat Chic

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The Closing and Opening of Chapters

by Kerry on June 29, 2012

Have you missed me?  I have missed all of you! 

I apologize for the lack of posts in the last month but it has been a busy month filled with the opening and closing of many chapters!

  • Taryn turned 1! (my baby is officially not a baby any more…:( and 🙂 )
  • I started a new job
  • My sister got married to an amazing man (congrats!)
  • and we sold our family farm

Those of you that know me know that change is a hard thing for me and this past month has definitely tested me.  My mother always tells me that even though change is hard good things come from change so we are pushing forward and focusing on (or at least trying to) enjoying the ride!  

Below is a picture of the four of us from Taryn’s sunshine themed first birthday party!  (this was the closest we could get to everyone looking at the same camera)


I recently updated my list of favorite blogs in the right-hand column and realized that I never shared this with all of you (especially those of you reading my content via email and or RSS feed that don’t visit the site often).  You may notice that the list is shorter than it was in the past.  I think that just speaks to how we are constantly working on simplifying everything our lives these days.  “Less is more” seems to be our new motto (especially with all the toys Taryn has brought into our lives).

A Cup of Jo – The perfect little snapshot of delicious tid-bits for your day

A Gluten-less Foodie – Delicious recipes that even the average cook like me can master! 

Ain’t No Mom Jeans – Us moms need all the tips we can get on dressing cute and functional with kids (a.k.a. scarves rock for hiding baby spit up)

Blue Eyed Bride – A mother of two boys that blogs about it all.  I appreciate her honesty about who she is and her beliefs in God.

Copy Cat Chic – She might be my hero.  On a regular basis she is able to find exact replicas of $400 pottery barn tables for $150!

In your Back Pocket – You have to check out her “so what Wednesday” posts they always make me laugh and leave me feeling like I am not alone!

Jasmine Star – I secretly want her life…such an amazing wedding photographer and such a cute dog.

La Mia Tabella – Awesome recipes from a mom of three (soon to be four!)

Rookie Moms – I cannot only relate the title of this site but also a lot of the topics they discuss.

Sharon MontroseWe have some of her animal prints hanging in Taryn’s room. 

The City Sage – Anne is such a sweetheart and has an awesome eye.

The southern Eclectic – I love Sheridan’s upbeat blog. She is a mom with a great sense of style and seems to be able to do it all!

I always love to check out new sites…do you have a favorite blog/site?


DIY Changing Table

by Kerry on April 18, 2012

A good friend of mine just welcomed her beautiful baby girl Piper into the world and I just have to share her fabulous DIY changing table.  She bought this buffet at a flea market and added new knobs and a fun fresh coat of paint!  I love the this color for a girls room!


Newspaper Nails

by Kerry on April 17, 2012

I am blessed to have two younger sisters that help keep me “hip” and this past Friday night the conversation turned to newspaper and nail polish when my sisters showed up sporting text on her nails.  Apparently it is really easy to achieve this new look and actually involves a little vodka so it is a win-win all around!  You paint your nails, let them dry, dip them in vodka (or any other kind of alcohol) and then press newspaper on them for a second before pulling it off and apply a clear top coat!  You can find a more in-depth explanation of the process on the blog How Does She.  

There is something very unexpected about both the final product and the process which is probably why I love it!  I could even see customizing the font to match wedding invites, etc (but now I am getting a little crazy)!


What’s Hot in Our House: 10 Months

by Kerry on April 11, 2012

I thought I would start a new series called “what’s hot in our house” where we feature some of T’s favorite things for the month.  This month these are a few of the “hot” things in T’s world!

A Stuffed Pig named Newton – The best $5 I ever spent at a garage sale

Dolly – I swear there are days she kisses her dolly more than she does us!

Screen Doors – We are just waiting for the screen to break but in the meantime it’s too cute

Len’s Cap Covers – A little baby drool only makes our photos look more authentic 🙂

A Red Swing – She can’t get enough swing time

Being Pulled Around in a Box – Classic fun at its best!


Bow Tie 1st Birthday Party Invitations

by Kerry on April 10, 2012

I have to admit that I completely have 1st birthday parties on the brain lately and can hardly believe that I need to start planning T’s already.  These bow tie invites are adorable and are leaving me feeling very inspired!

Photos Courtesy:
Pit Bulls and Posies


Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

by Kerry on April 6, 2012

I might have a problem…I can’t stop!

Happy Easter!


As some of you may know J works at W.O.W Foods a gluten free bakery here in the Chicago land area and being the great husband that he is, he is always bringing me delicious samples of the products they are working on (hmmmmm maybe that is why the last few pounds of baby weight seems to not be coming off….ha!)  🙂

I had to do a shout out to W.O.W. today though because one of the gluten free cookies they manufacture for Carols Cookies just hit shelves in the Chicago area Whole Foods!  When I say these cookies are good I mean they are goooood!  If you live in the area be sure to pick up one (or maybe 6)!