What’s Hot at Our House: Bedtime Routine Must Haves

by Kerry on July 5, 2012

In this issue of “what hot at our house” I thought I would talk about our bedtime routine with Taryn.  I think that bedtime routings are so important and very unique to each family.  I always love hearing about the little “rituals’ that each family incorporates into their bedtime routing (e.g., prayers, kissing each family member goodnight, telling the dog goodnight, flipping the light switch, etc).  Here are a few must haves that we use during our bedtime routine!

Lullaby CD – Currently we are listening to this Latin lullaby CD  and I am loving the different sound it provides Taryn (and me) with.

Baby Dee Dee Sleep Nest – We use this sleep sak because it is made out of cotton so we feel like it breaths a little better while keeping her warmer since it is quilted.  

Aveeno Lavender and Vanilla Baby Wash – We love the smell of this one better than most on the market and think it is a little more gentle on her skin

Books with Flaps –  Lifting up flaps in books is all the rage in our house right now.  Lots of giggles at bedtime!

Lovey Blanket – You could probably eliminate one or two of the other things on this list and it would be ok but don’t mess with her Lil Giraffe Blanket!  This is her peice of home on days we are at work and she is at daycare.

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