Small Changes Bring New Energy

by Kerry on March 14, 2012

I am always struck by how one small change in a particular aspect of your life can totally reinvigorate that part of your life again.  Here are some recent examples from my life:

New Pots and Pans – I am suddenly loving cooking again thanks to my new pots and pans!!  (plus it is nice to not be using non-stick pans anymore…i was going crazy thinking about the chemicals) I think next up might have to be this delicious looking recipe from the fabulous Gluten Less Foodie!


New Nail Polish – I got a new nail polish last week and suddenly I think I am Picasso of nails! (btw the color Power Clutch is the perfect amount of color to work you back into spring) 


New Floor Spray Mop  – Springtime in Chicago equals muddy paw prints all over the floor at least three times a week…ugh 🙁  However now that I am obsessed with my new spray mop J laughs cause I look for a reason to clean the floors! Ha!  The crazy environmentalist in me loves it for two reasons; 1) you can just throw the pads in the washing machine and reuse them so no waste and 2) you can put whatever type of floor cleaning solution you would like in the bottle.  I use white vinegar and water cause I am trying limit the chemicals that Taryn crawls on and Berk licks.

What small change have you made recently that has reinvigorated you?

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