Hello – I have missed you all!

by Kerry on September 22, 2011

Happy Thursday!!!

I have missed all of you and I apologize for being MIA the last few weeks.  J, Taryn, Berk and I are still working on finding our groove and as most parents will tell you the minute you think you found it something changes and you have to start all over again!  I am back at work and definitely feeling some of the mommy guilt that comes along with that process.  It has been great to be back and use my brain for more than lullabies and diaper changes but I miss her terribly and there are days I swear I can actually feel the distance between us. 🙁 I am hopeful I will be back in full swing by the end of the year but in the meantime I appreciate your patience and support!

I thought I would provide you with a quick updated Kiss and Diss!!!  Tayrn is almost 4 months old already and I have not only learned a lot about babies but also a lot about my self over the past few months!


  • The top of the head smell on your child…is the best smell in the whole world
  • Justin is an amazing Dad and my heart bursts when I see them together!
  • Babies really do like to be rocked and sang to….i mean who knew!!! I honestly thought that was a myth…ha!
  • The book Babywise!!  Taryn has been sleeping through the night since 7 weeks and we swear the basic principles in this book helped us help her with this process (thanks Kelly for the recommendation)
  • I have a lot more patience than I give my self credit for.
  • I feel SO blessed everyday to have such a healthy, happy and beautiful daughter!


  • My inability to function on less than 4 hours of sleep!
  • The limited time I have to spend with Berk.  I miss our walks just the two of us and sometimes find myself craving those quiet moments we used to share in the morning right after the alarm would go off.
  • All the clutter that comes with babies!  I have learned that you really don’t need much yet somehow your house becomes filled with stuff!
  • Forgetting the diaper bag and having to learn the hard way what a “blowout” really looks like!
  • Having only 1.5 hrs each night with Taryn after work 🙁

Below is a picture of Berk and Taryn meeting for the first time. He has been so sweet with her it melts my heart.  He is a great big brother and I am so proud of how patient he has been during this huge life change!  I also include a picture I took on a rainy day last weekend of Taryn.  We opted not to do the 3-month professional photos and just play around at home!  I can’t believe how big she has gotten!

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Keri September 25, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Oh my goodness…I love the photo of Taryn here! She is such a doll!


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