by Kerry on November 8, 2012

Its been a busy fall and as I write this I am sitting in a social media training seminar.  Missing all of you and hoping to get back in the groove soon. 


Bring on the Coffee

by Kerry on July 25, 2012

It is already shaping up to be a more than 1 cup a coffee kind of morning!  I lucked out though and someone in the office had brewed a post of Hazel Cream flavored coffee!  We rarely get anything other than the standard plain office coffee so maybe things are looking up! (please excuse the clutter on my desk)


What is your favorite flavor/brand of coffee? (mine is snickerdoodle)

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That New Gym Shoe Feel

by Kerry on July 19, 2012

Nothing like the feel of a new pair of gym shoes (especially when they have mint green on them 🙂  I am loving my new kicks!


What has given you that “new gym shoe” feeling lately?


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Cause I can’t post without including a picture here is Berkley this afternoon at my parent’s house helping them assemble a new crib they got for their house! It only took him 10 minutes to claim it as his own…hope Taryn doesn’t mind sharing!


As I shared before we celebrated Taryn’s first birthday with a fun sunshine themed party! It was a traditional party complete with 55 guests, balloons, a big cake and lots of CHAOS!! 🙂  I promised myself I wouldn’t go overboard with the details and try to enjoy the party but as anyone who has ever thrown a kids birthday party knows it goes by WAY to fast and you don’t have time to talk to anyone or see anything.  That said, I glad we got some of the fun photos below to remember “our sunshine’s” big day!


  • My great-grandmother’s sloppy-joe recipe!  They were served at my first birthday party and now Taryns.
  • The highchair I got for $3 at a garage sale!  We spray painted it yellow and added a fun ribbon banner.  It was hands down my most favorite detail at the party!
  • My vintage baby bath tub we used to hold beer and lemonade!
  • The three pieces of cake and bottle of champagne I managed to slurp down during the party (I think I was secretly celebrating J and I making it through our first year as parents!)


  • Gift opening during naptime = one crabby birthday girl 🙁
  • 90 degree temps made it too hot to enjoy outside making for a very crowded house!
  • How fast my baby girl is growing up.  There are days I swear she changes right before our eyes.





Bucket List Addition – Hair Jewelry

by Kerry on July 12, 2012

Add it to the bucket list of things to do – – find somewhere to wear this!  L-O-V-E it!


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Jennifer Behr


Thanks for the Smiles

by Kerry on July 9, 2012

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who leaves me comments!  They always make me smile : ) (as does this photo of Berkley and Taryn.  It is like she is taunting the beast!)


Modern Floor Registries

by Kerry on July 9, 2012

While cleaning my house this weekend I discovered that my floor registers are getting kind of beat up and rather than adding another coat of paint to them I found these which might add just the right amount of extra design element to my rooms.

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Unknown Source


…and yet another reason for me not to have guilt about Taryn letting Berk lick the occasional puff before she eats it 🙂  Nice!

Read the Full Article Here: Babies who Live with Pets May have Fewer Allergies


In this issue of “what hot at our house” I thought I would talk about our bedtime routine with Taryn.  I think that bedtime routings are so important and very unique to each family.  I always love hearing about the little “rituals’ that each family incorporates into their bedtime routing (e.g., prayers, kissing each family member goodnight, telling the dog goodnight, flipping the light switch, etc).  Here are a few must haves that we use during our bedtime routine!

Lullaby CD – Currently we are listening to this Latin lullaby CD  and I am loving the different sound it provides Taryn (and me) with.

Baby Dee Dee Sleep Nest – We use this sleep sak because it is made out of cotton so we feel like it breaths a little better while keeping her warmer since it is quilted.  

Aveeno Lavender and Vanilla Baby Wash – We love the smell of this one better than most on the market and think it is a little more gentle on her skin

Books with Flaps –  Lifting up flaps in books is all the rage in our house right now.  Lots of giggles at bedtime!

Lovey Blanket – You could probably eliminate one or two of the other things on this list and it would be ok but don’t mess with her Lil Giraffe Blanket!  This is her peice of home on days we are at work and she is at daycare.